I’m a second year undergraduate in the department of Computer Science And Engineering at Indian Institute Of Technology Kharagpur. I love programming, writing poems, reading non-fiction and meeting new people. A fan of automation, I spend enough time automating mundane tasks so I have more for thinking and learning; you can have a look at my github profile for the projects!

In a nutshell, I’m an avid learner who’s ambitions outgrow his blanket!

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23 Jan 2019 . Readings . I Read 'The Courage To Be Disliked' Comments

One particular thought I always used to get breaking the ice with a person was that, “What if I do something stupid and the person starts disliking me? How to not do something wrong?”. In crude way, this is what I was asking myself…

How to not be myself?

It is after transforming to live a life of free living... more

15 Jan 2019 . Readings . I Read 'Neu-Code for Winning Relationships' Comments

It is an universal desire in each of us to form deep relations with other fellow humans but we always forget that relations we form are breathing organisms that need nurturing and growth to sustain themselves.

I was quite, like any amateur, struggling in my interactions with other people and I got myself to sit and read what “others” have... more

18 Dec 2018 . general . A Note On Programmers' Frustration Comments

While solving a problem during Codechef’s December Long Challenge 2018, I happened to notice a drastic improvement in my mood on getting stuck at problems; a minor change in the perspective which helped me navigate through problems more peacefully.

This blog-post will list the two differences in my viewpoint from when I left competitive coding in December 2017 and now,... more

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    Software Engineering Intern, Wingify

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    Google Summer Of Code Developer, CCExtractor

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    JEE AIR 286, Joined IIT KGP CSE!

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    Started Learning To Code


I’m always eager to meet new people, listen to their ideas and work on transforming projects.

For meeting over a cup of coffee for random bhaat or project discussions, drop me an email.